The king is a woman

The path they marked for her, The so-called values they designed, Fulfilling their commands was told divine, And they called it her choice! The choices she never made for herself, The road she never wanted to take, The queen she never wanted to be, Was now her stated domicile! Another aurora, She called hope, Burnt […]

Another Cup of tea

  In all these years of surviving in the pincer of life, I was standing on the verge of giving up a million times. Another failure, another downfall, I thought of never trying again and simply letting go. I knew the road once taken, a few years back won’t lead me to a successful end. […]

call of love

The lordly wind Murmuring our tale With it drives in Memories unrevealed The coldness of nights Grow colder In this arid lieu As my hands crave for thy touch From my mysterious proximity A behemoth beast appears Some Tears drop Some infantile verses form Within the folds of thy raiment Thou perfume that remains Thou […]

Our undiminished love

Years later, Unending arguments are still regular, Yet, they embrace an undiminished love, No-one changed, but worlds evolved, Within his unknown proximity, she found her soul. Mighty skies slid the moon closer one night, Love vanquished the distance of miles, He smiles unknowingly over her silly gestures, His nomadic heart discovered solace in her deep […]

I am Failure

Failures are painful, they never taste pleasant to anyone’s tongue, they aren’t meant to. There’s a flip side to this coin, that needs to be known… what lacked and require completion. My tribute to the numerous failures I account on my name, and I am proud as I learned my lessons well. I stood up […]

The mistreated minors!

Little Chotu struggling through those dirty dishes at a well-off eatery. He could have had a better life than that, carving a way better future for himself ergo, growing up asĀ an asset to this society. However, the ignored rights of his puerile existence in our nation shattered it all. Real gloomy and, tragic stories come […]

The Silver Line

Stranger than the mystery, that holds the world apart, An endless menace of the unseen storms which becomes an eternal scar, A touch that could heal the anguished soul, removing apathy of the frozen heart From crawling to running and crushing the weak, the war of life hence starts Pondering over the cruelty happened, its […]